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I'm a versatile and creative writer with professional experience. I wrote for The Boston Globe, covering high school games in a variety of sports from 1997-2000. I worked the 1998 season for the New England Patriots, writing for the team newspaper, Patriots Football Weekly, and the web site patriots.com. Years later I covered high school sports for the West Roxbury-Parkway transcript. Currently my articles appear on realgmfootball.com. I also contribute to bostonscore.com


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Mike Dussault
Tuesday 16th June 2009, 6:15pm
I actually work for a production company based at Sony. We do a lot of TV shows (Two and a Half Men, upcoming Strahan show Brothers on Fox). The WGA strike basically shut us down because we do all our business thru WGA-sactioned writers. I was lucky to not lose my job.
Mike Dussault
Tuesday 16th June 2009, 2:25pm
Thanks for the comment. Hope you're well, this is the worst part of the year for us football fans. Should be a fun season, bought tix to the opener. Couldn't resist Brady's Return, throwback unis, and TO all on MNF. The countdown has begun. Let's do some roundtable action again this year. Best, Mike

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Pick Six: Super Bowl XLVI posted on 02/06/2012

1. WR Wes Welker feels it worst, but he wasn’t the only one. He will be kept awake at night by a fourth quarter drop that would had been a first down inside the 20. On the next play, WR Deion Branch let a pass hit the ground as he crossed deep over the middle. On the Patriots final drive, Branch dropped another pass over the deep middle. It appeared the ball was deflected, but the ball did pass through his hands. Lastly was TE Aaron Hernandez on a probable 10-yard gain on the final drive, but he heard the footsteps of the approaching linebacker.

2. Of my three keys to the game, it was the second one that proved costly. New England forced three fumbles on the night and failed to recover all of them. The first fumble, which was recovered by LB Brandon Spikes, was negated by a too many players on the field penalty against the defense. The drive continued and the Giants scored on a touchdown pass to WR Victor Cruz two plays later.

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Hours Before Kickoff: Super Bowl XLVI posted on 02/04/2012

Just four years ago the New York Giants pulled off arguably the greatest upset in Super Bowl history by beating the 18-0 Patriots, ruining New England’s bid for perfection and keeping the Pats from their place in history.

The emotions from that loss are still raw. Many players from that team refuse to watch the game. They haven’t forgotten what it felt like to lose that game.

Would it feel good for the Patriots to make the Giants feel what they did in Super Bowl XLII by beating New York in XLVI? You can say that, but it’s not New England’s motivation.

It’s been suggested that revenge is part of New England’s motivation. Certainly it’s understandable. The Patriots have a history of delivering payback. They had revenge in mind when they obliterated Buffalo 49-21 in the season finale to avenge a 34-31 loss earlier this season.

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A Lot Has Changed Since the Regular Season Game posted on 01/28/2012

November 6, 2011. With just 1:36 left to play, QB Eli Manning drove the New York Giants offense 80 yards in just 1:21 for a 24-20 come from behind win over the Patriots in New England.

Fast forward 13 weeks and these two teams will meet again, this time with the stakes much higher. This is the second time these two teams will play for the Lombardi Trophy, just four years after the Giants pulled off arguably the greatest upset in Super Bowl history by defeating the 18-0 Patriots, 17-14.

These teams have changed since November’s nail-biter. The Patriots rolled off 10 straight wins while the Giants barely made the playoffs by going 3-5 the rest of the regular season, finding their stride in the final two regular season games and riding the momentum through the playoffs.

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Pick Six: AFC Championship posted on 01/24/2012

1. DT Vince Wilfork was in beast mode all afternoon. Six tackles and a sack doesn’t begin to explain his influence on the game. Wilfork had at three tackles for a loss and his share of pressure on QB Joe Flacco. It was a dominant performance by a team leader showing what it takes to get to a Super Bowl. It was arguably Wilfork’s best game in the biggest game of the year.

2. The other hero on the afternoon was CB Sterling Moore. He practically saved the game with the two passes defended at the end of the game. Moore first knocked a sure touchdown reception by WR Lee Evans out of the receiver’s hands just before Evans’ second foot hit the ground. The other was swatting away a pass to TE Dennis Pitta. That would had put the Ravens inside the five yard line with a fresh set of downs. As badly as K Billy Cundiff hooked the 32-yard field goal, if the ball was spotted about 10 yards closer, Cundiff doesn’t miss.

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Hours Before Kickoff: AFC Championship posted on 01/21/2012

After a playoff win over San Diego, several Patriots mocked then-Chargers LB Shawn Merriman’s “Lights Out” sack celebration right on the Chargers logo at midfield.

In a thorough dismantling of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship played in Pittsburgh, WR Deion Branch was caught on camera asking the fans, “Where’s your towels? Where’s your towels?”

In the third Super Bowl win over Philadelphia, WR David Givens caught a touchdown pass and celebrated by flapping his arms like wings, then shook his head no, sending the message this won’t be the Eagles’ night.

Disrespectful? Depends upon who you ask. Victims don’t like attitude to salt the wound.

New England didn’t make friends during their dynasty days. They just put the boots to almost any team that stood in their path. Sometimes they reminded their foes after demolition.

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