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Randolph Charlotin
Tuesday 16th June 2009, 6:13pm
Hey Mike, I'm curious. Tell me a little more about your WGA job. What did/do you do for them?

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Patriots Wednesday OTA Observation Huddle Up posted on 06/02/2010

PatsPropaganda.com: You had to be excited for media access day at OTAs today, but no one could’ve predicted that Wes Welker would be on the field. Of course Michael Silver had plans of his own today, deciding to turn “talks between Pats and Brady are going slowly” into “this might possibly lead to something but it probably won’t” article that of course every member of the Boston media had to hop on.

We stick to the positive propaganda here, we’ve read the recaps, and here are the non-Welker tidbits that we’ve found most interesting:

From PFW Blog:

The linebackers split up during one segment that included seven-on-seven work. Crable, Mayo, Guyton, Eric Alexander, Pierre Woods, Williams, Banta-Cain and Spikes remained on the field with the defensive backs and worked on coverage. Burgess, Cunningham and Ninkovich went to work with the defensive linemen.

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The Replace Richard Seymour Beauty Pageant posted on 06/01/2010

As we all know the Patriots still have a huge void in the defensive line left by Richard Seymour. Ray Rice is still running from holes created in the right part of the Patriots defense (see Gary Guyton Jr. and Jarvis Green fka Pass Rush Specialist) . Brandon Spikes or Tyrone McKenzie should be the run stopping fix for Guyton. But who will be lining up are our run stopping right defensive end?

Let's meet the candidates, from lightest to heaviest. 

Brandon Deadrick  6'4" 287 


Brandon is rookie from Alabama who likes all you can eat bbq, and playing in games a week after he's been shot. He played the same system the Patriots play in college, that could give him an advantage but he's still light. We call him The Practice Squadder.

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The Wes Welker Sports Hub Interview Transcript Leaked! posted on 05/12/2010

Being the omnipotent Patriots blogger that I am I was fortunate enough to get an early sneak peek at a transcript of the Wes Welker interview with Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti that will air on the Sports Hub 98.5 tomorrow (Thursday) at 11:30am. I’m secretly posting below, some really interesting stuff….

Felger: Welcome back to the show, joining us now we’re lucky today to have Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker, last seen crying like a little baby on the sidelines of Houston. How you doing, Wes?

Mazz: Sup, Wesley!?

Welker: You know, I’m okay fellas. How are you guys?

Mazz: How do you think we are? We’re pissed off about Boston sports and their fans.

Felger: There’s a question that’s on everyone’s mind so I’m just going to ask it. Does the Patriots organization purposely try to be the worst team in football every year? Because when you look at a team like the Jets… I mean… Wow. It’s pretty clear this is an all-star team that probably won’t lose a game. And the Dolphins signed probably the greatest Wide Receiver in the NFL in Brandon Marshall. It’s pretty clear the Patriots are third place team and that’s just until the Bills find a quarterback.

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PatsPropaganda.com is a GO! posted on 04/28/2010

Check out our new blog! Bookmark it! Visit early and often! Yes, it's just want the blogosphere needed, another blog dedicated to the greatest modern day NFL franchise.

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NFL Draft Viewership Already Down Under Goodell's Changes posted on 04/20/2010

I've made no secret about the fact that I despise the new draft format. Partly because I will be sitting in my office, wrapped up in work while most of the first through third rounds take place, instead of sitting on my couch at home, relaxed with a beer, enjoying the drama as it unfolds. Yes, it's almost as if Roger Goodell has killed my off-season Christmas.

But what I hate most about the new draft format is that it's a change that was made for the sake of money, turning a blind eye towards the fans who enjoy it most.

Look, I'm just not sold that anyone outside of real football fans give two craps about the NFL draft. Sure, maybe the first five picks. But after that, does anyone care where the Dan Williams' or the Jermaine Greshmans are drafted? Do you think my wife is really going to flip over from her already packed Thursday night viewing schedule to see who the Steelers draft?

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